Print Exhibits

Date and time tbc – early summer 2023

Location: online, by zoom

Following our successful launch event in 2021, we have had two virtual Print Exhibits sessions and the next will be in early summer 2023.

These are an opportunity for members to give snapshots of their current research interests and ask for input from others. We would particularly like to encourage PhD and early career members of the network to present, but anyone is welcome to. The format will be as follows:

Each presenter will have a total of 10 minutes in which to introduce the audience to a textual snippet or an image of a material source – e.g. a printed book, binding, page etc – that illustrates a research problem or question. The question/problem you raise about your text/image can be of any kind: literary, critical, bibliographical, methodological, etc. The only requirements are that it/they be related to research and can be profitably shared with the group in 5 minutes max, followed by 5 minutes for feedback or discussion. The goal of these sessions is to allow presenters to share their objects of research, to practise explaining what makes a source intriguing or valuable, and to gain feedback on critical questions from those in attendance. In keeping with the spirit of this network, we hope that other members of the network who do not present in a given session will still gain a great deal from these exchanges through their attendance and participation. Conversations can continue informally after the session by Slack or by email between participants. There is no need to prepare a formal presentation – the format is informal.

Sessions are about c. 75 mins long, with about 6 presenters at each. Details soon to follow.